“It is exciting to come home to Canterbury Village to see what is new. It may be new trees, landscaping, a new building on the rise or new neighbors. All of this is taking place to develop our little community.
Summertime fun centers around the swimming pool , but there are informal gatherings of neighbors everywhere... be it for coffee, cards, shopping, or lunch together.
The condos are beautiful, but it is the sense of community that makes it home.”

“We love Canterbury Village!! When we downsized we were surprised just how much space, including storage space our new home has. Probably our most favorite feature is our veranda. We enjoy the community room frequently as well as the amazing pool. The community at Canterbury Village can't be beat. The people are amazing.”
- Residents since 2008 - Kevin & Pat

My wife and I have lived here at Canterbury Village for 2 ½ yrs, and it has been nothing but a positive improvement! The owners are so dedicated to this project which we all are truly grateful, the mowing, yard improvements the start of new buildings are nothing short of top notch!!! No mowing, shoveling, or watering when you live here. Truly maintenance free living! High efficient built homes keeps the utility bills very low. My wife and I would highly recommend this beautiful community to anyone!
- Randy & Deanna

“My wife and I are the newest members of Canterbury Village. We moved in a few weeks ago. We had been tossing around the idea of downsizing our home ever since all of the kids moved out, but just had not completely made up our minds about the direction we wanted to take. We had looked at a significant number of different condos, and had pretty much made up our mind on one on the east side of Sioux Falls, although we were not quite ready to leave our home just yet.
That was until one day when we had some time to kill and decided just for kicks to take a look at what Canterbury Village had to offer. When we stepped into the unit we would ultimately purchase, we immediately felt WOW! We instantly discovered that the quality of the home was far superior to anything else that we had looked at previously. The absolutely gorgeous cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, solid doors, wood and tiled floors, showers tiled all the way to the ceiling, recessed can lighting, rounded corners, beautiful gas fireplace, and we just kept discovering upgrade after upgrade.
Also obvious to us, was the high standard of workmanship that went into building the home. We were absolutely blown away, and the fun was just starting.
We then visited the clubhouse facilities. I cannot do justice on paper as to how impressed we were with that facility! The large family room with the huge screen TV, the slate pool table, the exercise room, the kitchen and dining areas, and of course the pool area just outside the clubhouse doors. All, ours to use and enjoy anytime we want to. Needless to say, our visit just for the fun of it just got serious. We absolutely fell in love with Canterbury Village. The decision to purchase our new condo just got a lot easier. We put our house up for sale the very next week.
In the few weeks that we have now been here we could not be happier with the decision we made to purchase our condo unit. The other residents of the village have made us feel truly welcome. Living here honestly has that small town feeling to it, yet you are afforded all the privacy you want. The only complaint I might have is there are entirely too many Packer and Bears fans here!!!
The other day, while lazing around the pool on one of our 90+ days, my wife looked at me and said she felt like she was on vacation at one of those fancy spa places she was always dreaming about. I laughed and agreed with her and thought how lucky we are to actually get to call Canterbury Village home.”
- Ray and Shirley